5 tips insights to help you work with your spirit guides plus how not to poison your budgie

Have there ever been times in your life when you needed guidance? … any direction in life or a little help in making an important decision? Where did you turn? To a trusted friend? A member of the family? An astrologer or a psychic? Maybe you found some useful indications from these sources, or maybe not. Have you ever wished there was a higher source of wisdom and guidance that you could turn to? One who is free from human prejudice, whose wisdom is absolutely trustworthy? This higher driving source really exists and is closer than you can imagine. It’s always at your disposal.
Each of you has at least one spiritual guide who is “assigned” to you and stays with you all your life to help you if necessary. (This is not the same as your guardian angel). You also have what is called Your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is that part of your consciousness that is one with the spirit, and therefore, always in contact with the higher cosmic wisdom. Your spiritual guidance and Higher Self ensure that there are at least two higher sources of guidance at your disposal.

Attracting teachers and guides

Now, although this higher guide is always at your disposal, when you start meditating and going down your spiritual path, an interesting change occurs. The light of your inner spirit begins to shine more intensively, and this light becomes a kind of Beacon, signaling those in the higher spiritual realms that your spiritual journey has truly begun. To ensure that your journey proceeds in harmony with the cosmic plan, you begin to attract various teachers and guides to meet special needs for the growth of your soul.
These wise and loving beings, who are present to help you walk your spiritual path, gently and silently suggest possibilities and positive choices whenever necessary. However, this must be done without interfering with your free will. This is very important, because cosmic law dictates that your freedom of choice can not be taken away. This is especially true here on Planet Earth, where learning to make choices is an essential part of the curriculum. So your guides will not make your own decisions for you or tell you what” you have to ” do. Rather, they gently whisper tips, and then leave the rest to you.

This effortless collaboration with your guides is occurring more than you can imagine. Much of the time you’re making life choices, you’re getting higher guidance. (I’m not referring to the trivial choices, such as the type of breakfast cereal to buy, but the choices that have a reasonable impact on your life or the lives of others.) You may not be aware of this, but your guides are there, assisting you.

For example, have you ever been headed somewhere and had a sudden need to stop at a place that was not on your planned route, only to meet an old friend. Perhaps this friend had some information for you – or vice versa-that turns out to be quite significant. Or maybe your meeting led to some new positive opportunities for one or both. These types of synchronicity begin to occur more frequently for those traveling on their spiritual path. And what’s behind them? It is your spiritual guides who whisper sweet hints in your ear. This driving process can be easy and spontaneous … part of the natural dynamics of your life.

Speedbumps on the route

However, sometimes you can go through periods when it seems that decision-making is a struggle. You may feel confused, ambivalent or completely incapable. At such moments, something obstructs the clear flow of inner guidance, as well as the clarity of your way of thinking. What causes this? The most common cause is constrictive anxiety resulting from “overly important” decisions … giving too much weight to the result.

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What often adds to anxiety, is the notion that there is a right choice, and we need to find out what it is. There is a tendency to feel-consciously or unconsciously-that if we make the right choice, the universe will smile at us, doing everything possible to support us. Our way will be smooth and easy. Everything will work perfectly … the right choice will take us to nirvana.

But if we make the wrong choice … we take the wrong path, we fear that we will encounter countless obstacles, and nothing will work favorably. Although we can blame “the universe” for making it so difficult to find this path, it is generally the anxiety of thinking that we have to find the only right way that makes it difficult.
Now, sometimes there is a choice that is more in harmony with the plan of your soul, and can lead to greater joy than other choices. However, when this is the case, the universe doesn’t obscure it just to see if you can find it. That wouldn’t do any good. On the contrary, it tends to show signs that “flash” in this way around you, and in every corner of your psyche. And if you happen to choose another way, the universe does not refuse its lovingly unconditional support because of this.
However, very often there is not only one road that you intend to take, but several possible roads, which lead to several “possible futures” that will bear fruit in some way. And everyone will have their joys and challenges. From the higher cosmic point of view, the growth of your soul is the highest priority, and life is set so that even the stupidest choices open a door to growth and valuable spiritual lessons.