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Results of Psychic Experiment #10

Well done to all who took part in Psychic Experiment #10 – I enjoyed reading all the responses. The woman in the picture is Marina Semenova, a Russian ballerina who is considered by some to be the greatest of all Russian dancers. Some of you picked up that she was an actress, which is correct, […]

I’m Hiring!

I’m looking for 2 professional intuitives/healers to join us in offering one-on-one client sessions via this website. This is a unique opportunity to join a popular and well respected website in offering services to our growing audience, which would enable you to make a living doing what you love, work somewhat independently, and not have […]

Psychic Experiment #10 – How does this woman look to you?

Periodically I do a ‘psychic experiment’ on this blog, where you are invited to ‘tune in’ to the photo I present, and submit your thoughts and impressions via the comments section below. (Or you can simply write them down at home, if you’re shy!) The purpose of this psychic experiment is for you to improve […]

Numerology and the Divine Trinity

A guest post by Kari Samuels — Intuitive Counselor, Happiness Coach, and Numerologist. Have you ever looked up at the clock and seen recurring numbers? 1:11, or 2:22, or 3:33? Intuitively you know it’s a message, and you are right! Any time you experience synchronicity, that’s the Universe reminding you that you are in sync […]

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on the Law of Attraction to Manifest Money

This is a guest post by Kate Strong, an endorsed intuitive on this website. I love her thoughts on this topic, and would love to hear yours, in the comments section below! ************************* Lately I have had a string of clients who have come to me about their issues around Law of Attraction and manifesting […]

Past Lives and Karmic Connections

This is the third and final article in my series about what I’ve learned about past lives during my past life regression studies. ******************************* Have you ever had a connection with someone that aroused unexplained strong emotions in you – such as anger, fear, longing, shame or guilt? Or a relationship in which every emotion […]

Where Are You on Your Soul’s Journey?

Here is part two in a three part series of what I’ve learned so far about past lives. *********************** During my studies in past life regression, I have asked myself the following question repeatedly: Why do some people feel drawn to exploring their past lives, and healing them, while others are not? Here are the […]

The Saturn Return and How It Affects You

Are you around (or approaching) the ages of 28-30 or 58-60? Are you wondering how to make the most of this time (your Saturn return)? Ever wondered why so many famous people die around the age of 27 (the “27 club”)? Professional astrologer Jay Linden and I discuss these questions, and more, in this interview […]

We Weren’t all Cleopatra: 3 Things I’ve Learned about Past Life Regression (Part 1)

As a student (and client) of past life regression, I find this discipline to be endlessly fascinating and a source of great learning. Here is part one in a three part series of what I’ve learned so far on my path: We Weren’t all Cleopatra My experience of having and doing past life regressions shows […]

Psychic Experiment #9 Revealed

Who was the man in the photo? The person in the photo was John Brown, the antislavery militant. He was born in 1800 in Connecticut, US and died in 1859, in Virginia. Many people picked up on the idea that there were two sides to him. One side seemed gentle and kind, the other inspired […]